It was the way she looked at me. If you can imagine, It’s very similar to when you make eye contact with someone and you both understand that at the exact moment, you’re both thinking that exact, same thing. Chilling, really. Science likes to tell us that reading someone’s mind isn’t a real thing, but if you’ve had this moment before, you would understand that science just cannot explain everything. Science can’t even deliver us a cure to the common cold, for gods sake. This is why instinct is so important. This is why when someone looks at you like this, you can’t help to be pulled towards them. This is why you imagine everything with them, all in one second, and you don’t even realize it.

        She was wearing the kind of clothes you normally only see mannequins at Zara wearing. She bled style and class. The scent of high-maintenance was her aura. The red dress kind of girl. This type of woman could only be found in superficial commercials that try and sell you cologne, whiskey and clothes that are too expensive for your own good. Her lipstick looked how roses smell. It complimented her brunette hair tremendously to the point in which a black and white photo would still develop in color. I mean, I’m clearly into her. Guys don’t write like this unless they really…can’t help themselves; and I couldn’t.  It was just…..

I don’t know how to say it..

Anonymous asked:

You've turned into such a contradiction. We used to watch you because you were interesting. Now you've abandoned your channel and barely post, you've turned into an egotistical hipster-sellout. You really changed. I unsubscribed. Goodbye, Vincent.

Are you the representative for “we”? Are you qualified to speak for everyone else? Can I see your resume? Where does it say that I’m contractually obligated to upload as frequent as you demand? Have you failed to consider that perhaps I have my own things in life to take care of? Have I really changed, or have I just become slightly more busy?

I’ve come to the conclusion that your assessment is not only inaccurate, but that you’re also under-qualified to make such remarks regarding my life, as you lack proper evidence to support your accusation.

Go accidentally drink spoiled milk and shut up. You’re not a detective.